Weekend Roads and Railroads: Paving and Events, Ring Road Closures and I-66

Stops are planned on Capital Beltway and Interstate 66 with work and events in the district. Metro is conducting a test run of its summer shutdown and Platform Project.

There is more rain in the forecast through this weekend, but weather permitting, stops are planned on Capital Beltway and Interstate 66 with work and events in the District, Purple Line construction and paving in Maryland. Metro is conducting a test run of their summer shutdown and Platform Project.

Here’s what you need to know this weekend.

Road work


A highlight of this weekend’s Transform 66 Outside the Beltway Project – travel lanes in northbound and southbound Nutley Street over I-66 will be moved west during the night of Friday, May 13th.

Two lanes will run in each direction on the west side of the bridge over I-66. This temporary traffic pattern will allow the construction of the new Nutley Street exchange.

Map of traffic changes coming to the Nutley Street I-66 junction. (Courtesy VDOT)

Details for implementing the traffic pattern change include:

Friday 13 May (Saturday 14 May used as backup)

  • Nutley Street North and South at I-66: Nutley Street will be reduced to a single lane in each direction between 22.00 and kl. 08.00. All courses reopen at
  • Ramp from I-66 East to Nutley Street North: The ramp will be closed from midnight until 6 p.m. 05.00 Traffic will be directed to the exit for Nutley Street South, turn left and make a U-turn at the traffic signal at Saintsbury Drive onto Nutley Street North. The ramp reopens at 5
  • Ramp from I-66 West to Nutley Street South: The ramp will be closed from midnight until 6 p.m. 05.00 Traffic will be directed further west to the exit for Vienna / Fairfax / GMU Station, turn right onto Country Creek Road, continue onto Virginia Center Boulevard, then turn right to head south at the Nutley Street traffic signal. The ramp reopens at 5

If possible, the VDOT work plan looks like this.

Belt road

I-495 North at I-66: Friday at 22:00 to 05.00. Three lanes are blocked for night work across the bridge with periodic stops scheduled overnight.

I-66 East ramp to I-495 north: Saturday at 22:00 to 04.30. Ramp closed and reconsidered overhead bridge work.

All ramps from I-495 North to I-66 will be closed and reconsidered Friday and Saturday between 22.00 and 04.30. Motorists will be directed to Route 7.


I-66 East from Blake Lane to Vaden Drive: Friday, May 13: at. 10.30 to kl. 15.30. The left lane will be blocked for drainage and barrier work.

I-66 West at Vaden Drive: Friday, May 13: at. 9 to Left lane will be blocked for a traffic change.

I-66 East from Vaden Drive to Nutley Street: Friday, May 13: at. 21:00 to 05.00. Two lanes are blocked due to Nutley Street rehabilitation work.

I-66 West from Jermantown Road to Route 50: Friday, May 13: at. 9.30 pm to 05.00. Three lanes will be blocked due to work on the overlying bridge. Drivers should expect periodic stops during the night.


I-66 east from east on Route 28 to Stringfellow Road: Friday 13 May and Saturday 14 May: kl. 22:00 to 06.00 Both nights, three lanes will be blocked for the installation of overhead bridge beams approaching Stringfellow Road.

Ramps from Stringfellow Road to I-66 East / from I-66 West to Stringfellow Road: From kl. 22.30 Friday the 13th of May, running until and including kl. 04.30 on Monday 16 May, the ramps will be closed for the demolition of the old concrete barrier along the ramps.

I-66 east and west on Route 28: Friday, May 13 and Saturday, May 14 from 6 p.m. 22:00 to 06.00, three lanes will be blocked for work on the overlying bridge with periodic short stops between kl. 22.30 and at nightly.


I-66 East from Route 234 Business (Sudley Road) to Manassas Safety Rest Area: Friday, May 13: at. 21:00 to 05.00. Three lanes will be blocked due to bridge work with periodic stops overnight.

I-66 East from Bull Run Bridge to Cub Run Bridge: Friday, May 13: at. 21:00 to 05:00. Three lanes will be blocked for paving.

I-66 East at Cub Run Bridge: Starting at 21.00 Friday 13 May uninterrupted until kl. 5 Monday, May 16th. The left lane will be blocked due to bridge work. Two tracks will be blocked between kl. 22.00 and 8.00 Friday and Saturday evening.


I-66 east from Route 29 to Manassa Rest Area: Friday at 7 p.m. 10.00 to 19.00 Left lane closed for paving.

I-66 East Route 234 bypasses Prince William Parkway to Cub Run Bridge: Friday at 21.00 to 5.00. Three lanes will be closed for bridge work with periodic full stops overnight.


The Maryland Department of Transportation State Highway Administration announced two new projects to begin on Sunday.

Repairs to Beltway Bridge at Md. 5 / Branch Avenue in Prince George’s County will be underway. From overnight Sunday, work begins on the I-95 / I-495 Beltway bridge ramp to Md. 5 / Branch Avenue. This repair work is expected to run until Friday morning, May 20th.

From Sunday, crews will work 9pm to 5pm along I-95 / I-495 inner loop at exit 7A, Md. 5 South. The left lane is closed on Sunday 15 May until the morning of Monday 16 May, and the right lane closes on Tuesday 17 May until the morning of Friday 20 May.

MDOT SHA will embark on a paving project along Md. 210 in Fort Washington on Sunday, May 15, consisting of off-road closures and work expected to be completed in July.

From Sunday at At 20.00 the crews will start paving the road between Kerby Hill Road and Livingston / Palmer Road, where they work on weekdays, at 8pm to 5pm for about a month until the paving is complete.

There will be single and double track barriers in both directions of Md. 210 in these times. Crews will work weekdays, 7 a.m. to 3 p.m., with the reconstruction of the surface planned for the new Kerby Hill Service Road, located behind the Sound Wall and Md. 210 southbound.

Motorists can expect lane blockages and a flagging to affect the service road. Learn more about the MD-210 junction at the Livingston and Kerby Hill road project.

Map of the MD-210 junction between Livingston and Kerby Hill Road. (Courtesy MDOT SHA)

For motorists traveling to or from the East Coast, they should be advised to pave on US 50 between US13 / Salisbury Bypass through Walston Switch Road. Double tracks, shoulder and ramp closures are planned Monday to Saturday from kl. 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. through June 3rd.

In Charles County, Md. 6, near Maryland Point Road, a temporary road closure is planned for the replacement of pipes on Saturday, May 14 at. During these hours, traffic will be guided through using a local detour.

For everyone else continuing Maryland road projects and changes, check out its website. And for more on the ever-changing Purple Line work between Prince George’s and Montgomery counties, check out the Purple Line Projects website.

As a reminder, milling and paving will continue overnight along I-495 / Capital Beltway near Suitland Parkway. Crews will pave and install crash barriers on both loops between Md. 4 / Pennsylvania Avenue and Forestville Road, working overnight from 6 p.m.

There will be several track closures each night. For the latest, check out the project website.


On Saturday, May 14, the DC Fire and EMS 150th Anniversary Parade and Equipment Muster will take place near the National Mall. There are planned street closures and parking restrictions for this event along Constitution, Pennsylvania and Independence Avenue, which can be found here.

National Police Week is being observed from May 11 to May 17. The National Law Enforcement Memorial and Museum will hold ceremonies, including the 34th annual Candlelight Vigil, Friday night at the National Mall to honor fallen officers.

On Sunday, May 15, the annual national peace officer’s memorial service on the Western Front will be held by the US Capitol, beginning at noon and lasting for 3 1/2 hours. There will be parking restrictions, street barriers and roller barriers with cortege and senior people.

It’s graduation season, and this Sunday morning at the National Mall, the starting week for George Washington University ends with a ceremony and celebration. Here is the event schedule.

The District Department of Transportation has scheduled work for I-295 over Oxon Run Bay with shifting lane barriers starting northbound to southbound Friday between 6 p.m. 10.00 and 15.00, weather permitting.

There will continue to be single-track closures on Theodore Roosevelt Bridge over the Potomac Parkway through Saturday.

On DC 295 over CSX Railroad Yard near Benning Road, single-track closures are needed, weather permitting, through Friday, May 13th. On I-295 over Nicholson Street Bridge, there will be changing lane closures between 6 p.m. , always leaving a lane open for traffic, to remove the current sidewalk markings for the work zone.

Construction activities continue along I-295 / DC-295 and nearby local roads through the weekend, weather permitting.

Drivers can expect daily and night lane closures on South Capitol Street SE / SW between Firth Sterling Avenue SE and N Street SE on weekdays outside rush hour.

There are lane roadblocks continuing on Suitland Parkway SE between Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue SE junction and South Capitol Street SE, and at Firth Sterling Avenue SE, Howard Road SE, Potomac Avenue SE / SW, Half Street SW, P Street SW, Q Street SW and R Street SW, St. Elizabeth’s Road SE and Barry Road SE.

For more information and traffic advice related to these ongoing projects, check out the website.


Metro will again this weekend perform work on four lines. There will be pre-construction work on the Orange Line in preparation for the upcoming Summer Platform Improvement Project. This work requires an Orange Line shutdown between Stadium-Armory and New Carrollton stations, closing Minnesota Ave, Deanwood, Cheverly, Landover and New Carrollton stations.

There will be a shutdown on the green and yellow line this weekend between College Park and Greenbelt for infrastructure work. This work requires a shutdown of Greenbelt Station. And due to general rehabilitative maintenance, the red line will be single track between Silver Spring and Forest Glen stations.

Metrorail opens at 7 and closes at 1 Saturday and midnight Sunday with trains serving 86 of 91 stations. And Metro continues to work to improve service in the midst of the 7000 Series Railroad Carriage Study, focusing on causal analysis. See the Metrorail 7000 Series Return to Service Update for the latest information.

See the full weekend schedule and service adjustments with detailed train schedule.

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