Wetherspoons claims customers are “fake” claims after pub ceiling collapsed during Storm Arwen

Wetherspoons claims some customers falsified damages when a Welsh pub loft collapsed during Storm Arwen.

The North and South Bank pub in Wrexham remained closed on Saturday after being evacuated Friday night after chunks of plaster came tumbling down from the ceiling, North Wales Live reports.

Wetherspoons has confirmed that no employees or customers were injured during the incident.

However, the pub chain claims that some customers who were at the bar at the time ‘pretended’ had been injured.

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Wetherspoons’ ‘North and South Bank’ ceiling after the partial collapse

A spokesman for JD Wetherspoon told North Wales Live: “At 10:23 pm (Friday) the ceiling inside the N&S Wales Bank to the right of the bar collapsed. Staff called the emergency services and immediately evacuated the pub.

“No customers or staff were injured, even though two customers pretended to have been hit, but when confronted by police and Wetherspoon’s staff watching CCTV, it was clear that no customers were hit by any rubbish. “

Pub worker gets intimidated by his life in Storm Arwen:

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The Welsh ambulance service said they were called to the scene at 1 p.m. 22.26 after reports of two potentially injured customers.

In a statement, they said a fast-response vehicle was on the scene but the potentially injured customers were abandoned when paramedics arrived and the team was stopped.

Footage filmed inside the pub shows customers rushing to get out of the way of the falling rubbish. The pub remains closed for the time being, while a building engineer, builder and architect assesses the damage.

North Wales Police have been contacted for comment on the incident at the North and South Bank pub, North Wales Live reports.

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