What would France look like after a Marine Le Pen victory? | World

She has vowed to put more money into voters’ pockets, restore France to its rightful place in the world and prioritize its citizens over immigrants when it comes to housing, jobs and welfare.

But if Marine Le Pen beats President Emmanuel Macron in next Sunday’s election and attempts to implement her program, she could spend much of her first 100 days embroiled in wrangles with parliament, the guardians of the French constitution and with Brussels, experts warn. She could also struggle to find competent people to serve in her government.

“It would be a mess,” said Tomasz Michalski, professor of economics at the HEC Paris business school.

Le Pen’s successful campaign has been largely due to her promise to tackle France’s cost-of-living crisis


So what would the right-wing National Rally leader try to do if elected, and why would it

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