Why is Rip mad at Lloyd in Yellowstone season 4?

It’s safe to say that Yellowstone’s Lloyd Pierce has not been having a great time of things lately on the Dutton Ranch.

Recent weeks have seen the character engaged in a heated feud with Walker and not Lloyd has the fury of Rip Wheeler to contend with.

But just why is Rip so mad at Lloyd and could it be a sign that Lloyd is on his way out of Yellowstone?

Yellowstone | Season 4 Official Trailer | Paramount Network



Yellowstone | Season 4 Official Trailer | Paramount Network





Lloyd faces Rip’s fury in episode 5

Titled Under a Blanket of Red, episode 5 of Yellowstone season 4 proved to be a tough one for Lloyd Pierce.

Following the brutal bunkhouse brawl in episode 4, Lloyd is well and truly on Rip’s bad side and faces the brunt of his anger several times throughout the episode.

First of all, Lloyd is ordered to give his usual horse up to Mia. When Lloyd answers back and when’s told to ride one of the mares, Rip offers him the alternative of walking.

Rip is never off Lloyd’s case during the episode and seems to be giving the old-timer much more work than the other hands on the ranch.

When Lloyd questions the treatment he is getting, Rip says that he’s lucky not to be shovelling manure instead.

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Why is Rip mad at Lloyd?

Rip is laying into Lloyd after the old ranch hand started a fight with Walker in the bunkhouse during episode 4.

While Rip beat Lloyd up for starting the fight, he still remains frosty with him as he wants to set an example to others on the ranch.

Rip is being especially tough on Lloyd as he believes that, as Lloyd is such an experienced ranch hand, he should know better.

On top of that, it could be argued that Rip is testing Lloyd’s loyalty to the Duttons and the Yellowstone Ranch as he remarks that “the ranch comes first and you forgot that.”

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Could Lloyd be leaving Yellowstone?

Lloyd isn’t leaving Yellowstone just yet but his future on the ranch has definitely been called into question by recent events.

With Rip laying into him so harshly and Walker still being allowed to stay on the ranch with Laramie, Lloyd could well start to ask what there is to keep him at the ranch.

If Lloyd hadn’t been asked to help young Carter out in episode 5, there would be very few reasons left for him to stay at all.

Hopefully, the tough experience could be just what Lloyd needs to kick on and become the leader that he so desperately wants to be.

However, the extra workload he’s being given could well be enough to cause him to wilt under the pressure and decide to pack his bags and head out.

Of course, if Lloyd was to leave Yellowstone, there is the question of whether he would go voluntarily or face a trip to the Train Station.

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Season 4 of Yellowstone continues weekly on Sundays at 8/7c on Paramount Network.

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