Will Young handcuffs himself to dog breeding center in protest

Will Young handcuffed himself to the gate of a dog breeding center in Cambridgeshire in protest of animal testing.

Young joined Camp Beagle Animal Rights Protesters to campaign for the closure of MBR Acres in Wyton, near Huntington.

They also demanded the release of the dogs in the facility and to stop the use of beagles in laboratory tests.

Young said he traveled to the demonstration “because I am a dog lover, an animal lover and a human lover; I come without hatred and aggression,” reported on BBC News.

The singer added: “People are unaware that there are still animal experiments in this country and it is not necessary. I could not sit at home and do nothing [to] draw attention to the situation of these animals.

“All protests, all movements, need small lifts. Like one who has [fans] I could not sit at home and just write another song or another book. ”

Young handcuffed himself to the gate of the Marshall Bioresources facility, but later released himself after being spoken to by police.

Cambridgeshire police later said: “Officers spoke to a man handcuffed to the gates and he has since escaped from the handcuffs and moved away from the entrance. Our response to the protests in Wyton has been impartial and proportionate, balancing the right to protest with the right of the staff on site to carry out their lawful work.

“We ensure a safe environment for protesters to express their views peacefully, and the staff on site to carry out their work, which is protected under the Serious Organized Crime and Police Act 2005.”

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Marshall Bioresources said in a statement that the High Court last week had extended a ban on protesters “committing illegal activities” in two of its locations.

The company said it had “no interest in stifling legitimate protest, provided it is carried out legally and peacefully”.

The statement added: “All protesters are now barred by the court from gaining access to a designated area of ​​exclusion in front of the gates of the places to curb the illegal campaign of harassment, violation and criminal damage directed at our staff, contractors and visitors. Our business will continue with to manage and operate it in full compliance with the rules of the Home Office and with our normal high welfare standards. “

It added: “We remain proud of what we do every day because our work enables the advancement of medicine to save millions of human and animal lives.”

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