Witcher’s Henry Cavill Replayed Games on Hard During Lockdown

Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia in The Witcher, with his trademark white hair and eyes blackened after ingesting an ability-enhancing potion.

Henry Cavill, pictured after an all-night gaming session.
Screenshot: Netflix

Henry Cavill would like to continue yelling very loudly that he really, really likes The Witcher.

Speaking to Total Film about being back in the proverbial—and sometimes literal—saddle for another season of The Witcher, the actor reflected on what the covid-19 pandemic meant for his own downtime when he couldn’t be swinging swords around and doing slightly less mumbling as Geralt of Rivia for Netflix’s sophomore season. We already knew he built a gaming PC, and started painting more Warhammer, but don’t think an inability to film The Witcher stopped Cavill from questing across the Continent in some form or another: he simply just replayed CD Projekt Red’s vaunted trilogy of Witcher games.

“I decided to put it on the hardest difficulty possible to play, which I’ve done before, and it was really quite stressful! I forgot quite how stressful it was,” Cavill told the magazine. “These days I’m not rich in time and so I haven’t unfortunately had too much of a chance to have a go with the games again.”

Now, the actor didn’t clarify as to whether or not he finished all the games, but that does take about 180 hours, depending on how much of a completionist gamer Cavill happens to be. But he admittedly did have the time to spare last year, even as The Witcher’s production became an early example of shoots returning with covid-safe filming protocols. At this point, swinging a few swords and flinging some spells probably does count as method acting for the man who actually got to become Geralt of Rivia after years of wishing.

We’ll see if another trip through the Witcher games helped out at all when The Witcher returns to Netflix on December 19.

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